About this Diary


This site is a written and photographic journal on my particpation, as a foreigner, in a clinical drug trial in Japan.

Not for the squeamish! There are plenty of pictures and discussion about blood, urine, needles and catheters. Writing this diary was a way to cope with my own needle phobia and these topics gets a pretty good workout, so please exercise discretion if they make you feel uneasy.

On the other hand… there is also a fair number of pictures involving drug trial participants goofing off, playing golf and relaxing in beautiful Japanese onsens.

Jump to Day 0. or use the links at left.

Sand Onsen

Please note the vast majority of this diary is anonymous. I don’t refer to participants, staff, the drug, or the clinic by name, except where permission has been granted. Please respect this when posting comments.


One Response to “About this Diary”

  1. Peter Says:


    First of all, thumbs up for the blog. I am about to sell my body to the clinical trials too :D
    If you can text me, I would like to ask some more questions if you dont mind!


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