Catheters – Day 2

June 27, 2006

at the onsen

Thank christ the catheter came out last night, at one in the morning. It wasn’t as much of an immediate relief as I thought, though. My arm was sore, itchy and very sensitive. I wanted to give it a massage, but it felt too delicate. Instead I laid it gently by my side and fell into troubled sleep. I woke up to find my wrist patchy with yellow bruising.

At one stage today, while rubbing my bruised arm, I felt very violated. And doubtful.

Yet although the catheter wasn’t pleasant, but it made blood sampling a lot easier. The needle prick and the dull pressure pinning your arm down during a regular blood donation is replaced by a almost painless manipulation of plugs and tubing. The mental stimulation remains though. I envisioned the nurses as sly little vampires, sneaking off with my blood into cupboards and drinking from tiny vials while giggling. Blood on their lips, lust in their eyes.

We were let out after breakfast, and as a group headed into town for lunch. I’m trying to be social, it will help the time go faster. Most of the lab rats are pretty young – 20 and 21 year olds. They bicker about inane stuff, like whether its better to buy a Playstation DS (whatever that is) or spend the same amount of money on a Louis Vuitten wallet, which is a pretty funny argument to listen to. These guys have interesting ways of making money to enable them to stay in Japan. One of them buys new release video games in Akhihabara and sells them back home on Ebay. Another does the same with a Japanese street wear label. Clothing seems to play a pretty important part in their lives. The Scandinavian wallet guy was pretty much straight up wth his reasons for wanting the wallet. Prestige. He wants people to notice it. He has a strong interest in fashion and design and wants to move into that industry. On the other hand, the British video game dude doesn’t want to do anything. He personally expressed his desire to do nothing with his life except the minimum needed to sustain his addiction to Japanese videogames.

These young guys seem to want to hang out in fast food places all day, so I took off and visited a beautiful onsen, a Japanese hot spring, by the beach. It was mixed sex, so instead of being naked you wear a yukata, a kind of light robe, into the water. Despite the signs saying not to, I stepped into the surf, very carefully as the rocks were both slippery and sharp with barnacles, and floated on my back in the pacific ocean. The yukata billowing out around me. I reflected on the way the catheter made me feel, then imagined the cool sea water around me washing it away. It was peaceful. Two japanese men observed me from the beach, I think impressed. But I cut up my feet and hands coming in. The waves umbalanced me and pushed me onto the barnacles. I looked up as I fell hard onto one knee; the Japanese men were walking off.

I’m hoping the nurses don’t notice my injuries, we’re not supposed to do stuff like that during the trial.


2 Responses to “Catheters – Day 2”

  1. luke Says:

    falling onto one knee? not the guy I used to know from spearfishing…

  2. yugyug Says:

    I know, but insteaf of my l33t ninja hooded and neoprene padded spearo suit I was wearing a billowy yukata and had just been needle raped…..!

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