Demons – Day 10

July 4, 2006

Demonic self-portrait

I had disturbing dreams last night. A friend of mine had asked me to help cut off her own head. She thought it would look cool, for a party. But she started dying and the paramedics came and sealed up the neck wound on top of her body, but left the head unattached in a clear plastic box. Later in the week I was chatting to her. Her body was functional and controlled by her head, still in the box. She had broken the medical record for having her head cut of and remaining alive for over 4 days. She described it as very painful and said it felt like the her head was still connected to her body by a giant etheral worm. She regretted her actions, and was unsure if the doctors could re-attached the two parts.

My roommate also had a bad dream – he dreamed about two girls fucking, one had a dick. A clear plastic tube was connected between the girl on top’s anus and the other girls mouth. Faeces were moving though the tube and the girl on the bottom was chewing on it. Later at breakfast, the worst breakfast we’ve had so far, he threw down his plate and growled, “Its disgusting!”.

I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook. I’m a graphic designer but don’t really sketch that often. On my first trip down to the clinic though I drew a freakish demon character. I had no idea what I was creating as I drew, it just flowed out of me, bulging veins and all. Yesterday on the way to the island I drew another freakish demon, with a teardrop tattoos and mournful expression. I’m think they are self-portraits.

Today started with a drug administration, followed by 4 or 5 blood samples. I tried to record one on my camera phone, but the nurse stopped me. She said it made her nervous.

another demonic self-portrait


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