Golf and Gaijins – Day 11

July 5, 2006

bicycle ride

Another day out in the town, to relax and do whatever. Its kinda silly really, I feel like I’m on some demented holiday, where I pay for the hotel room each night in blood.

Chinese style onsen

at the golfing range

Today we visited the driving range where I whacked 100 golf balls into the sky, but didn’t wear gloves and tore two huge blisters into my hand. I knew they were coming after 60 or so balls, but kept on hitting the remaining 40. I chose not to care. Later in the day visited another onsen, a stinking yellow Chinese style bath built in the 60’s, and I had to hold my blistered hands out of the hot water because of the pain.

Cycled around a local island with the French guy and took some interesting photos with his camera.

A bunch of us lab rats followed the Dutch guy to a Japanese street wear store. He explained that a new line was being released and he needed us to help him purchase clothes to sell on Ebay. The store is obsessively exclusive; they only sell within their own stores and there are only 3 outside Japan. No wholesale accounts for anyone. The Dutch guy buys retails, but still makes a profit selling to wannabe gangsta rappers in America, who thrive on the exclusivity. The Dutch guy needed us today because the store only sells one item per person on days they release new lines. He told us what to buy and in what size.

Spent the rest of the day on the internet. The best place to get unsecured wireless has changed to the third floor ward, upstairs above the balcony. The ward is filled with some guys starting a new trial – a real bunch of gooby gaijins. One of them buys his clothes exclusively in Bangkok (its shows) and wears wrap around sunglasses with blue lenses. Another wears reptile skin pants and a matching mobile phone holder and talks constantly about fucking Japanese girls. I can’t help but wonder if these guys have time warped from the mid- nineties or if they accurately reflect the state of our culture, which is a bit scary. The British guy likes to hang with them quite a lot, enjoying his status as an anime seer-stone and listening vicariously to picking-up stories.

Catheter goes back in tomorrow, for the third and last time.

driving range


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