Underwear – Day 15

July 12, 2006

lab rats on the beach

The last morning of examinations, until the follow up screening. Before all the lab rats left the clinic though, the trial co-ordinator assembled us in a meeting room with newly printed consent forms. There had been another adverse reaction to the drug reported in the United States and we needed to re-sign a modified consent form. I was curious as to what the reaction was, and told it was merely a case of soft stool, or diarrhea. I asked around the table and discovered that one member of our group had diarrhea during the drug administration also.

Usually consent forms are not modified for such minor incidents, but the sponsor is being exceptionally diligent for this trial. Is the fallout from the the TGN1412 trial in London?

I searched the laundry basket again for my underwear. A pair of really nice boxer shorts I brought from UniQlo have been missing for 3 days. I’m pretty sure one of the other lab rats took them. I think he should be found out and punished, but wearing my underwear is probably punishment enough.

We were given portable blood pressure monitors and sent to the airport. We are required to measure own blood pressure each day until the follow up examination in next week.

I arrived at Haneda airport to discover I had an urgent freelance job to finish before I could sleep. I woke up at 6am this morning, and finally crashed out at 4am, back home in Tokyo, exhausted.

even more lab rats on the beach


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