Home – Day 22

July 23, 2006

Last day of the trial, a follow-up blood and urine screening, plus ECG. I was a bit nervous because I was informed that if the blood screening was no good then I would need to fly back down in a few days, but I’ve already booked a flight to Spain for tomorrow, to join my girlfriend on holiday.

Thankfully though, my screening was fine. My roommate has to fly back down in a few days though. He went for a bike ride yesterday.

sand onsen

We all got paid in big fat wads of cash. Japan, despite being one of the most advanced countries in the world, is still very much a cash society. There are a lot of cash machines and few stores and fewer restaurants accept credit cards. The dutch guy laid his cash out on the bed in grid formations, just like his poker chips, and took a photograph.

So thats it. Done. Three weeks of my life, 6 independant drug administrations, 18 pills swallowed in total. About 10 or 12 electrocardiograms, maybe 20 or so blood pressure measurements. I must have filled at least 5 one litre bottles of urine. My blood was taken about 40-45 times I think, slightly less than half via catheter. Each time I gave enough blood to fill 3 vials. Done and done.

sand onsen 2

On the whole I think it was very positive experience. For one thing, I got over my needle phobia. Sure I didn’t enjoy the first few days very much because of the needles, but in hindsight it wasn’t really a problem, and I’m glad I did it. The trial was run professionally and even without being able communicate fully with the nurses it was fine.

Plus, I made some money. Also made some friends. And I saw a lot of onsens.

Also I’m happy I participated in something for the good of science, that might help out patients in the future. I’m aware of the huge amounts of money drug companies make though, and the money I earned, so this is not a pat on the back by any means.

There is one other thing I should mention that affects my perception of the trial. I was just told this by the trial co-ordinator, after we had been paid and just before I jumped in a taxi to go to the airport.

I was given the placebo.

river onsen


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